Beast Feast

Get ready for the first ever BEAST FEAST at EBC. Beast Feast is a time of connection and camaraderie for men and boys. What we eat is whatever you kill and cook. This will be a “bring a dish event.” Kill it. Cook it. And let’s EAT it. (We will have some tamer options for the less adventurous!)

This is a great time to invite guests! We would love to pack the Worship Center out!! There will be a special guest speaker, and other surprises too. Throughout the event, we will focus on the ultimate target for our life. The suggested donation is $5, but NOONE will be turned away.

Think your wild game is good? There will be a Wild Beast Feast contest, if you’d like to compete. We have three categories to enter: Venison, Sea & Sky, and Exotics. (Exotics are creatures that aren’t your standard grocery-store fare, but don’t fit into the other two categories. These would be animals such as moose, rabbit, or squirrel, turtle, or snake.)


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