Next Steps

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The Christian life is described as a “walk.” There are a couple of things that this implies. First, there is movement. Christians are called “followers.” This means that we are walking in the same direction as our Leader, Jesus Christ. We are not standing; we are walking. Secondly, walking implies that there is a destination. Walking without a clear direction towards a destination may be relaxing, but it is not purposeful or meaningful.

Once you have chosen to walk with Christ, or follow Christ, it is important that you continue to take steps towards the destination of becoming a disciple-maker. At EBC, we believe the destination for every follower is to become a “mature disciple (follower) who helps make other mature disciples.” Wherever you are on the journey, we want to encourage you to take the Next Step.


Decide: Baptism is a decision to go public about your faith in Jesus and to communicate to the world your heart-felt commitment to follow Him. It’s the Next Step after salvation. If you have questions about baptism, or would like to be baptized, please contact Pastor Turner.

Greater Than ButtonDeepen: It takes a family to move towards maturity. The Next Step in following Jesus is becoming a member of the EBC family. If you would like more information about EBC or how you can become a member of the EBC Family, please contact Pastor Johnson.


Develop: Life is better together. The Next Step in your journey is to become part of a LIFEGroup. A LIFEGroup is a place for you to love and be loved, to know and be known, and to grow and help others grow. If you would like information on how to join a LIFEGroup, please contact Pastor Johnson.

Member ButtonDisciple: Jesus’ command was for His Church to “make disciples.” Therefore, we are either to be in the process of becoming a disciple, or to be helping others become disciples. If you would like more information on the Next Step of how to engage in discipleship, please contact Pastor Turner.

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