Are you looking for a sports league where your child can participate in a wholesome environment?

Upward® Basketball & Cheerleading are two wonderful programs where every child is a winner. Upward® is also a great place for your child to develop his or her character and self-esteem.

Unlike traditional sports programs, Upward® is structured so that children participate in practices and gameplay without league standings. Every child is allowed equal playing time and equal opportunity for involvement. Characteristics such as sportsmanship, kindness, and character are valued as winning qualities.

The Upward® Cheerleader Program is set upon a wholesome foundation as well. In Upward® Cheerleadering, the squads do not engage in the use of cheers that include negative language, and the squads cheer for both participating teams.

Upward® Basketball & Cheerleading is a place where every child is a winner. It is about developing the winner in every child. In fact, Upward® is about the most important game of all–life! Involve your child today.

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Early registration (before 8/28/2021) is $45, but $50 thereafter. Deadline is 9/2/2021.


K-1 Evaluations are 8/26 from 6-8 PM.

2nd-3rd Evaluations are 8/27 from 6-8 PM.

4th-6th Evaluations are 8/28 from 10-12 PM.

Makeup Evaluations are 9/2 from 6-8 PM.

All participants must attend an evaluation night.