Merry Christmas!


What makes Christmas so special?
Is it decorations?
Is it the cool music?
Is it a jolly old man with a fluffy white beard and a pot belly?
What makes Christmas so special? The thing that makes Christmas so special is that it is a celebration of the birth of someone special! The “Who” is what makes the what so special. The “Who” is what makes the why so significant! Bethlehem was Act One in the drama of redemption. The curtain lifted on a baby; not just any baby, but the single, most unique, most special One to ever to enter the world. This baby is not just a player in the drama, He is the entire story. He is not just an actor; He is the act itself.
Jesus is the unbroken thread that runs from Genesis to Revelation. The lineage
of all the patriarchs envisioned him; the visions of all the prophets embraced him; the stories of the hundreds of characters woven into the Bible revolve around him. Any seeker who begins his quest for God in Genesis and leaves Revelation without this revelation has failed. Anyone who receives this one revelation possesses the key to every other promise, truth and blessing in the Bible.
We need to know everything knowable about Jesus. We need to comprehend everything comprehensible about Jesus. We need to know who He was before He came; who He was after He came; who He is now and who He will be throughout the eternal ages. Our greatest mission in life is to discover the identity of the occupant of the manger. Why? Because in Him we live and move and have our being.
Come to Emmanuel, this Christmas, and discover the Christ of Christmas


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