Parenting Class

ParentingWhether you are a guardian, grand-, step-, foster-, adoptive-, or biological- parent, raising kids IS HARD! If we’re honest, most of us secretly want child-rearing to be quick, easy, and hassle-free. But as time goes on, most of us fall into the trap of going through parenthood with a sort of half-hearted attempt, assuming the kids would mature and straighten out eventually. Is there another way? Is there a better way?

Please join us for an 8 week Parenting Class called “Shepherding a Child’s Heart.” This facilitated small-group, won’t make you a perfect parent, but it will help you move your children’s hearts toward God.

Classes begin 8/30 at 6:30 PM. For more info and to register, please click the link below. There is no cost. Space is limited. Register today at the link below:

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