Red-Letter Day


A “red-letter day” is a day that you will always remember because something good happened to you on that day. A red-letter day is any day of special significance or opportunity. Its roots are in classical antiquity; for instance, important days are indicated in red in a calendar dating from the Roman Republic.  Many calendars still indicate special dates in red instead of black.

But of all the Red Letters, the most important are the words of Jesus Christ, preserved for us in the Bible. These words, written in red in so many of our Bibles, and uttered by Christ from the Cross, remind us of something good that happened in the face of something that seemed so tragic.  Join us each week for “Red-Letter Day.”

March 18, 11 AM: “Father, forgive them…”

March 25, 11 AM: “I thirst…”

March 30, 7 PM: “It is finished…”

April 1, 11 AM: “Today you will be with me in Paradise…”


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