Unto Us…

He is considered one of the greatest men of God in the ancient world, a counselor to kings and a writer whose Holy Spirit-inspired OT book is quoted more often in the NT than any other, except Psalms. When our Lord Jesus preached His very first sermon, He chose for His text a passage from this man’s writings, which have been compared to the book of Romans for theological depth and a sweeping vision of God.

Isaiah was a man of considerable communication skills and political connection. But he is more than an influential preacher. Isaiah is numbered among those rarified, God-enthralled men called prophets, who were enabled to see what God was going to do in the future as though it had already happened. Isaiah’s oracles juxtapose the immediate and the future, with words that have a bearing in the moment, but carry us to the far away and powerful, the miraculous and wonderful that is yet to come. He paints a picture in words of what was, and what was yet to come. What had been and what had to be.

Throughout the Book he wrote, Isaiah foretold of One who would be sent. A Son. A gift. A Savior, which has been sent Unto Us… Join us Sundays at 11 AM throughout December as we consider the Babe of Bethlehem.

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